Flipping Pages ePaper
from InDesign
to XML

InDesign export to XML
standardized or matching a specific DTD,
including a flip page HTML5 ePaper ( e-Book ).

BatchXSLT for InDesign - XML

BatchXSLT for InDesign

  • For InDesign CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5 – V 22.02.36
  • For CS4, CS3, CS2 – V 14.03.15a
Exports XML and a flip page HTML e-Book!

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Online ManualUser Manual
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Technical Reference onlineTechnical Reference Manual
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Extract InDesign documents with a single mouse click! No tagging needed! Well structured XML from InDesign CC, CS6 down to CS2, Windows and OSX!
As this XML is suitable for any further processing, an e-Paper web site including full-text search is created at the same time.

General-purpose XML.
Flip Page eBooks and ePaper Web System with full-text search!

A web site from your documents viewable in any browser: from PC display sizes over iPad and Android tablets to Smart Phones.

For demos, click the screen shot below:
Flip eBook ePaper Demo

Export InDesign documents with a click:
  • No manual XML tagging.
  • Rich tagged XML suitable for any application.
  • Images converted to JPEG.
  • Adjustable with external CSS, Javascript, XSL.
  • Plain XML or HTML - NO FLASH.

  • Flip page ebook web site.
  • Full-Text Search on any number of documents.
  • Full-Text search on PDF ads.
  • Shop connection.
  • Active clickable links to shops, web-sites, internal pages, e-mail addresses.

Easy publishing by simply copying files to the web server, CD or any other medium...
Full featured 30-days demo package available.

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Application specific XML transforms

Special output formats are used in applications where, for instance, XML or HTML files must be tagged in a certain way: production of a CD, to import into specialized databases or simply because your internet department asks for it.
We can help you! Send us an and describe your needs as close as possible!

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Software for InDesign:
–   Flip page ebook web site.
–   Exporter for ePaper ( e-Paper ) XML, HTML to efficiently extract InDesign (Adobe Inc.) documents.

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